Titans 11-a-side Tournament

Dragons Team: Anthony (Captain), Murray, Christian, Crispin, John A, Simon E, David K, Conor, Simon A, Leanne, Simon D, Lewi, Richie, Jordan


  • Cardiff Dragons 0 – 1 Fitlads Falcons
  • Trowbridge Tigers 4 – 0 Cardiff Dragons
  • Cardiff Dragons 1 – 0 Leftfooters
  • Stonewall 1 – 0 Cardiff Dragons
  • Cardiff Dragons 0 – 0 London Pheonix
  • Titans Rising Sun 1 – 0 Cardiff Dragons
  • Richmond Arms Falcons 0 – 0 Cardiff Dragons

The Dragons travelled to London with an almost new squad for a challenging tournament against the teams from London and the surrounding area. Conor, Simon A and Simon D all made their debuts in Dragons colours, whilst Leanne, Simon E, Lewi and David K had only played a handful of games before this event.

Last year we came to this tournament and finished 12th, scored 1 goal, got knocked out on penalties and won no games, but we did gain invaluable experience and learnt a lot from the day. This year we ended in similar style, finishing 12th, scored 1 goal, got knocked out on penalties but we did manage to break our duck and win a game, for the first time at 11-a-side against a decent Leftfooters side.

The aims of the day were to bed in the newer players, led by the more senior players, and give them experience to take forward into future events and matches. We also aimed to improve our performance throughout the day. We intended to be solid throughout and improve our individual and team performance as the matches went on.

The day started against the stronger Falcons side, losing 0-1 but putting in a solid performance throughout, our defence breached when a low shot from Falcons found the corner early on.

The day took a turn for the worse when for the second time in two weeks we got battered by Trowbridge. Poor defence allowing 4 goals to get through from the nippy new side.

We went off and did some tackling practice as we weren’t strong enough at times to keep out running forwards.

In the next match our performance was a lot better and much more solid as we kept out the Leftfooters. We also started to pick up our passing and Simon E, going through the middle, managed to cause havock in the Leftfooters defence eventually scrambling a well deserved goal to take the lead. The Dragons won 1-0, making a good comeback after the Trowbridge defeat.

We faced Stonewall next, whom had beaten Trowbridge and Titans Rising Sun and seemed a formidable opposition. We played some of the best football we have produced in recent weeks and at this tournament, Simon A, John A and Christian linking up well. We were solid and we were making half-chances for ourselves. It looked like we were going to get a respectful 0-0 until in the dying moments James Nelson shot from distance for Stonewall, his shot going through the Dragons keeper.

For our penultimate group game we faced a physical London Pheonix side. We were solid once more, David Keith excellent at centre-half, but we couldn’t find a way through and the game petered out in a passing shower. 0-0

Our final group game saw us play host side Titans Rising Sun. Having literally just come off the pitch, and overall played 110mins by this point we looked tired, conceding early on to a run through the middle. We managed to hold our opponents out for the rest of the match, Leanne excellent at right-back in this match. But we couldn’t find enough to significantly trouble the Titans keeper and get a goal.

So, it was for the second time in 2 years a 11th/12th playoff. This year we faced Richmond Arms Falcons. We again had no rest and again looked tired out on the pitch. In an even game, both sides created half-chances, but no team could find the net. We played well in midfield, Simon A, Lewi and Crispin all did well and had plenty of the ball and emphasis, but we really lacked the final ball. 0-0 it finished, penalties.

  • Dragons Pen 1 – Anthony hit bar 0-0
  • Falcons Pen 1 – Scored 0-1
  • Dragons Pen 2 – Christian down middle 1-1
  • Falcons Pen 2 – Scored 1-2
  • Dragons Pen 3 – David K bottom left 2-2
  • Falcons Pen 3 – Scored 2-3
  • Dragons Pen 4 – Lewi skys his kick 2-3
  • Falcons Pen 4 – Scored 2-4 winners

Everybody who went appeared enjoy the day and the event as a whole. We had a great attitude all round and a good team spirit. We did improve our individual performances as the day went on, though we did also tire towards the end of the day. Overall a promising, solid day with many so new faces on show at national level.

Many thanks to all who travelled and competed, and of course Richie and Jordan who cheered us on throughout.

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