Pub Golf – Sunday 2nd May

Get your balls and bags ready Boys and Girls!!! It’s the social event of the season: Dragons Pub Golf!!

Teeing off from Gassy Jacks in Cardiff at 6pm, we will be taking in 9 holes ending at the Kings Cross.
Please arrive on time as we will be moving on PROMPTLY to the next hole at 6.30pm. If you are not in attendance by this time we wil move on regardless…

The route for the course is going to be:

1st Hole – Gassy Jacks Cathays
2nd Hole – Lloyds No.1 Bar (Greyfriars Road)
3rd Hole – Varsity (Greyfriars Road)
4th Hole – Wow
5th Hole – Pulse
6th Hole – 4Play
7th Hole – Icon
8th Hole – Golden Cross
9th Hole – Kings Cross – The club has £50 in vouchers for the Kings so this will be a free hole!!

Richie will be bringing scorecards with him Sunday.


To drink your drinks in as few sips* as possible.

*A sip is continuously drinking until you either have to stop or the drink is finished

Rules and Regulations:

– Players must be dressed in suitable golf attire. Those not dressed in golf attire will recieve a TWO stroke penalty.
– ALL players must drink infront of their playing partner as to verify their score.
– A TWO stroke penalty will be given to players found cheating; such as spilling their drink on purpose.
– Holes can last no longer than 10 minutes once everyone has a drink.
– Upto a THREE stroke penalty can be given to players for slow play on a hole if they are stopping ALL other
competitors from moving onto the next hole.
– Players must play ALL holes and holes are to be played at the same time as the other competitors.
– ALL players must drink the same type of drink specified on the Scorecard for that particular hole.
– Once a player has finished the hole they must wait for ALL other competitors to finish before moving on.
– If a player is unable to finish their drink at the hole they will be scored a 12 on their Scorecard.
– Players can only go to the toilet before they get a drink or after they’ve finished their drink. A TWO stroke penalty
will be given to players that go to the toilet during their or with their drink.
– A THREE stroke penalty will be given to players that are sick at a hole after their drink. Players are however allowed
to be sick without penalty when they are travelling from one hole to the other with their fellow competitors.
– In the event of a tie a play-off will be played until a winner is found unless the players are happy to share the Pub
Golf Championship title.