Leicester 6-a-side Tournament

This years annual tournament attracted 23 teams and with a late morning start it was a very early start for the 2 Dragons teams as they assembled at Blackweir ready for a 7am departure. The games in the tournament were played over 10 minutes in our 2 groups each of which consisted of 8 teams and games were played on half of full size pitch.  It was an enjoyable day throughout with a great team spirit between everyone. Thanks to Claire who was a great supported and also first aider throughout the day.

Dragons Red were very unlucky not to qualify from their group finishing on a creditable 11 points with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses which would more often than not be enough to progress. The Reds conceded just 2 goals in their 7 games a very good achievement against some strong opposition. In reply the Reds scored 6 goals with Jason (2), Mark (2), Ed and Ruth scoring the goals with Mark also providing 4 assists. It was great to see Ruth making her 6’s debut for the Dragons and scoring a goal which she was thrilled with as her celebration showed.  Everyone in the team contributed greatly to the team spirit and performance  and there was a great deal of effective football played in all areas throughout the teams games. Anthony and Mark were both excellent battling on despite injury as was Ed who finally got a well deserved goal. Darrin, Jason and Amos’s play and experience was also vital as was Ruth’s with her energy and support both on and off the field which gave an extra lift to the team.

Dragons Red: Jason C (manager), Anthony R, Dave A, Darrin H, Ruth, Mark B, Ed L.

  • Dragons Red 0-0 Brighton 1
  • Dragons Red 0-1 Birmingham1
  • Dragons Red 1-0 Yorkshire1
  • Dragons Red 0-0 Leicester3
  • Dragons Red 4-0 Bexley
  • Dragons Red 0-1 Nottingham2
  • Dragons Red 1-0 Wolverhampton1

Dragons Blue had a more difficult day but still managed to win a game and were unlucky not to gain further points playing some competitive football and only going down by the odd goal in most of their other matches. There were a lot of positives to come out of the day though with Tomas and Michael both playing well in what was their debut tournament for the Dragons. Michael also scored the teams goal and was unlucky not to add to it. John A unfortunately was not 100% on the day but still as always gave his all as did Richie and Christian who made several great saves in goal. Murray was as reliable as usual in play helping the team play as a unit and with a good spirit. Thanks also to Chris Crimmins who helped us out by playing for us on the day.

Dragons Blue: Murray H (manager), Christian J, Tomas R, John A, Michael, Richie J, Chris C.

  • Dragons Blue 0-1 Trowbridge
  • Dragons Blue 0-1 Mersey
  • Dragons Blue 0-2 Yorkshire2
  • Dragons Blue 0-1 Birmingham3
  • Dragons Blue 0-1 Wolverhampton2
  • Dragons Blue 1-0 Leicester4
  • Dragons Blue 0-1 Leftfooters