Joining the Dragons – Chris’s story

Chris Green

“For me going along to my first Dragons session wasn’t as daunting as it could have been, I was lucky enough to be going along with a member of the club. With that being said I was still very nervous as to how I would be perceived and whether I would be accepted. At this point I had very few gay friends, I had also only played in ‘straight’ teams and I did not know of any gay players. As soon as I came to the session I felt at ease when I was greeted by a lovely senior member of the team. I think most of the Dragons will know who I mean. I felt accepted before I had even kicked a ball; my skill level did not matter, my sexuality did not matter, and any differences I had were embraced.

I left that session feeling like I had found a team where I could truly be myself and I wholeheartedly feel this environment has helped me to develop into a greater footballer and most importantly helped me to become a stronger person. To those thinking of coming along and joining the Dragons I would say do it! You will leave feeling uplifted, accepted and changed, that I can guarantee”