GFSN Winter 5-a-side Get Together

Liverpool GFSN 5’s tournament report – December 11th 2010
The first thing I would like to say is a massive thanks to all who made the long trip to Liverpool we were all rewarded with a very enjoyable and successful weekend for the Dragons both in the football and socially afterwards. We should all be proud of our efforts with many clubs not travelling up to Liverpool to enter 2 teams was a credit to the Club.

The tournament itself was played on fenced in pitches similar to the ones we have been training on in Gol which was helpful in terms of our preparation. The 12 teams that entered were split into 2 groups of 6 and we were each drawn in separate groups with each game lasting 10 minutes. We were entered as Cardiff 1 and Cardiff 2 but our teams were mixed on the day to reflect the ethos of the tournament and allow everyone a good amount of football. Three Dragons John B, David K and Simon were making their 5’s tournament debuts very well played to all 3 on the day.

Dragons 1 – finished 2nd in their group with 4 wins and 1 defeat from their 5 games. The team scored 7 goals and conceded just 6 in earning a well deserved semi-final place. It would be wrong of me to single anyone out as I was very proud of everyone you each played a massive part in a great team effort. I lost count of the amount of fantastic tackles, blocks and saves the team made as everyone played with great skill and determination in their roles. We showed plenty of good attacking play making numerous chances with Ed (5) and Anthony (2) scoring some great goals . It was between Dragons and the Hotscots to qualify as we played each other in our final fixtures. In a full bloodied game we kept our composure to earn a fantastic 2-1 victory. In the semi final after a good start we went down 5-1 to a strong Manchester team who went on to lift the trophy. Thanks to Anthony who was a model captain for the team.

Dragons 2 – finished 3rd in their group with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats. A creditable performance from Dragons 1 who had both finalists in their group. Their victories came against Mersey 2 and a 7-1 trouncing of Trowbridge. Most games in the group were full of goals with the Dragons scoring 14 and conceding 11 in their 5 games. Very well done to their scorers Mark (7), Muzz (4) and Simon (2) the other goal being an own goal. I was able to see the majority of the games and thought the team played with a great team spirit and togetherness. They were an attacking threat throughout and on another day could well have progressed from their group. It was pleasing to see the amount of goals we scored on the day as we continue to progress and challenge for honours in tournaments.

Finally, a massive thanks also to those on the committee and football management team for all their hard work in arranging and running the weekend and those Dragons who volunteered to drive the long journey there and back.

Dragons 1 – Jason C (manager), Anthony R (captain), Christian J, Richie J, John A, John B, Edwin L.


W 1-0 v. Bristol 2 (own goal)
W 2-0 v. GFSN Allstars (Anthony, Ed)
W 2-1 v. Manchester 2 (Anthony, Ed)
L  0-4 v. Mersey 1
W 2-1 v. Hotscots (Ed,2)
Semi Final – L 1-5 v. Manchester 1 (Ed)
Dragons 1 – Dragon of the Day: Jason C

Dragons 2 – Murray H (manager), Dave A, David K, Jordan W, Mark B, Simon E.


D 2-2 v. Bristol (Mark, 2)
W 7-1 v. Trowbridge (Mark 3, Murray 2, Simon 1, own goal)
L 1-4 v. Manchester 1 (Murray)
W 1-0 v. Mersey 2 (Mark)
L 4-3 v. Titans (Mark, Simon, Murray)
Dragons 2 – Dragon of the Day: Mark B