Dragons Weekly Bulletin – 15th April 2010


Firstly a quick apology for the email being a day late. This was due to unforeseen circumstances. Some important news this week so please make sure you read. As always any suggestions for the email,  please email me pressmarketing@cardiffdragonsfc.co.uk.

Well done to all those who took part in our first ever 11 a side match with Bristol Panthers (our local rivals) The results was 7 – 3 to Bristol on the day but a fanastic day was had by all. A big thank you to Bristol for coming down. Congratulations to Jason, Dave Amos and Dave Keith for finding and moving everyone to an alternative venue at extremely short notice thanks to an error made by the council with the pitch.

EGM, an EGM to vote for the next Secretary has been called for Sunday the 25th of April 12.30 pm which is just before the Leicester Wildcats Game. To cast a vote at the EGM you need to be a club member on the 30th of April 2009 and to carry the vote we need at least 25% of the eligible members to be in attendance. The vote will be completed in ballot format and these will be given out to you and after each of the delegates have had a minute to put a small 1 minute presentation to you I will then ask for the votes to be cast and these will be counted by myself and Dave Keith. The nominations are Jordan Wall and Anthony Read.

The other big news this week comes from our Treasurer Dave Keith. As you are all aware the club is growing and the costs are getting higher so the committee will be implementing a new subs policy to ensure the club continues to run successfully and provide opportunitys to everyone. Please read the below carefully:

New Subs Policy

When we set the club up in July 2008, little did any of us realise just how much we would develop in a short space of time. We gained entry to the GFSN League quicker than any club in its history, we delivered what most people acknowledge is the most successful GFSN Get Together ever and we’ve attracted over 60 members to participate in our club’s activities. Last weekend’s trip to Edinburgh marked another major milestone in the Club’s history when we completed our furthest ever trip, travelling a total of 840 miles to the wintry north and back.

With such growth comes a corresponding increase in running costs. We’ve come a long way since our inaugural training session, where we used a donated football, had a couple of cones for goalposts and the only cost we had to worry about was how much the post-training pint would be in the Blackweir. Subs were set at a measly £1 per week voluntary donation, which was later to be supplemented by a compulsory £3 charge when we moved indoors in midweek to Pentwyn Leisure Centre in the winter of 2008.

Our running costs today bear no resemblance to those early days. We now have training ground fees to cover, equipment and kit to buy, refs to pay and pitches to book. The club pays many costs in advance, then collects money from members in the hope that this will cover the funds already paid out. This is quite a risky approach and can involve significant sums being paid by the club up front. For example, last week alone we paid out over £650 for the Terriers home match and Edinburgh travel costs combined. Considering we usually operate with a bank balance of about £500 it’s was a very stressful week indeed for your Treasurer!

The Terriers match is a good example of why our current subs policy needs to be revised. The Welsh climate forced us onto Astroturf at short notice, which is 3 times more expensive to play on than grass. As a result subs for that match were an uncomfortably high £8 (which still didn’t cover all our costs). Some people were, quite rightly, unhappy at having to pay such a large amount with little warning.

Your Committee have therefore decided to revise the club’s subs policy. In doing so we had 2 main objectives:

To ensure that subs are kept as affordable as possible.

To simplify the structure so that people know in advance what they have to pay and can plan/save for it.

We have agreed that the following subs structure will apply with effect from Sunday 11 April 2010:

Day Type Location Min Amount

Sunday/Midweek Training Blackweir £2

Matches Home & Away Various £5

Some important points to note are:

Weekly subs for training sessions haven’t actually changed. It’s still a total of £4 per week, with the cost now spread evenly over the 2 sessions rather than £3 for midweek and £1 for Sundays.

Match-day subs will now also be fixed at £5 for every match you are picked for, home and away. It’s hoped that by adopting this system we will have a more stable situation and avoid the problems caused by the expensive combination of the Welsh weather and trying to cover all costs on the day.

The new system will also reduce the maximum anyone will be required to pay in any week to £7, as opposed to £11 under the old system, so it is hoped it’ll make life easier for everyone.

Finally, all subs are a minimum compulsory amount. Please feel free to contribute more if you can afford it.

These changes are designed to stabilise the club’s finances, while at the same time keeping subs at a level that allows everyone to take part. We’re not actually trying to collect any more money from you, we’re just changing when we collect it to make sure we are always able to cover our costs in advance.

It is very important to be aware that while the payment of all subs is compulsory, we recognise there are occasions when some members might not be able to contribute the full amount. As a club, it is imperative to us that we try to make sure that anyone who wants to participate can do so. There are various options open for us to help you if you experience genuine financial difficulties, so please do speak to me about it. All discussions will be in confidence, and will be aimed at reaching agreement about how you can continue to take part.

The need to revise how we fund our activities has arisen because the club has been such a success and should be viewed as an indication of the progress we are making. The new structure will guarantee that we all continue to create Dragon history for many years to come.

David Keith


Club Treasurer

Cardiff Dragons FC

Football News

Thursday 8th April – Thursday Training – 6:45pm

As it is now lighter in the evenings (anyone would think it is summer!) training is at Blackweir Fields at 6:45-7:00pm on Thursday nights throughout the summer. One drawback is that there are lot of flies down there at sunset in the summer so if anybody can suggest good bug repellent, your advise would be very welcome for all!

Sunday 11th April – Friendly – Cardiff Dragons XI vs Bristol Panthers in Cardiff

A great day was had by all in our first ever game against Bristol Panthers. The final result was 7 – 3 to Bristol. However the result doesn’t tell the whole story. The game was a fantastic opportunity to get everyone football and also try out new tactics. There were lots of positives from the day but the biggest positive has to be how happy everyone was after the game. Its amazing to see all players and supporters alike enjoying the day and is something this club is very proud of.

Upcoming Fixtures

Sunday 18th April – Friendly – Trowbridge Tigers vs Cardiff Dragons in Trowbridge

After our 3-0 victory in Cardiff earlier in the season, Trowbridge will be looking to reverse the score when we travel to Wiltshire. As this match is a friendly game, we will be accepting the first 18 players who reply and will aim to give everybody in the squad game time.

The Deadline for availability forms has closed for this game.

Sunday 25th April – GFSN League – Cardiff Dragons vs Leicester Wildcats in Cardiff

Our first meeting with Leicester at present promises to be an important six point game at the bottom of the GFSN table. As it is a league game we will be selecting the strongest 16 from those available.

Availability forms are attached and we will have forms at training also. Deadline is Sunday 18th April


Sun 18/4 – Friendly – Trowbridge Tigers – Trowbridge

Sun 25/4 – GFSN League – Leicester Wildcats – Cardiff

Sun 2/5 – Training – Blackweir Fields

Sun 9/5 – GFSN League – GFC Bournemouth & Hampshire – Cardiff

Sun 16/5 – Friendly – Bristol Panthers – Bristol

Sun 23/5 – GFSN League – Brimingham Blaze – Birmingham

Fri-Sun 11-13/6 – GFSN Get Together Weekend – Blackpool

Football News

We will be proposing a mini 11-a-side league next season between Bristol, Cardiff, Trowbridge and Exeter in place of friendlies. These matches will be open to the entire squad and should give opportunities  to everybody to play.

Watch out in upcoming weeks for 5-a-side Tuesdays. We will be scheduling a 5-a-side session soon at powerleagues. The intention will be for this to be a regular part of the Cardiff Dragons week, but will just be a trial evening to begin with.


Jason, John A and Richie are definitely going to Cologne now, if anybody is interested in going it is important that they let Murray or Jason know as soon as possible.


Kings Cross Quiz

This has been our biggest success socially and is a great evening oiut. Anyone who would like to some along for a chat and to win some free drinks (main reason I go!) please do. We meet aroung 8ish every monday at the Kings Cross.

Pub Golf

Sunday 2nd May. We are currently finalising the plans for this event and will get back with the full details.  Please put this date in your diaries and get your costumes at the ready!

Champions League Final

Saturday 22nd May. Venue will be Lloyds No.1 Bar on Greyfriars Road.  Times will be confirmed in the future.

Dragons “Come Dine With Me”

We discussed the option of this event at the meeting and feel it is a good idea.  In order for this to go ahead we would like you to have your say and judge interest.  If this is something you would like to participate in, please email me.  We will then finalise plans at the next sub-committee meeting and get back with full  details.

Please get in touch with Richie Jones( welfaresocial@cardiffdragonsfc.co.uk ) for more information or to put forward your ideas and suggestions for future socials.


Car Boot Sale

We will be doing a car boot sale at bessemer market on 24th April. So start bringing anything you are happy to sell in aid of the club along with you to training so we can collect it all and then hopefully raise lots of money for the club.

Cardiff Half Marathon

Anyone fancy running/walking to raise money for the club? Cardiff half amrathon is coming soon and anyone wishing to take part on behalf of the Dragons would be greatly appreciated. As with all our fundraising events, half of the money raised is donated to the Terrance Higgins Trust. This is a great cause and anyone who would like more inforation please speak to John B.

Club Lotto

We have launched a monthly Lotto. We will be selling raffle tickets at training sessions and on the last Sunday training session of the month we will give a prize to the winner. The cost of the prize will amount to half of the takings, so for example, if the takings are £100 then the prize will be worth £50

As always any ideas or suggestions for fundraising then please feel free to email John ( financefundraising@cardiffdragonsfc.co.uk )

If you are looking for the perfect gift online don’t forget to buy through http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/cdfc .You can register free, select Cardiff Dragons Football Club as the organisation you wish to support and shop at all your favourite online shops. A donation is made to the club from the shop with every purchase you make at no extra cost to yourself.

Sainsbury’s Groceries

£0.25 Donation

25p Donation On All Grocery Orders!

Brilliant news – Raise 25p for your cause with every grocery shop from Sainsbury’s!

*Previously donations were only paid for your first order.

You can also choose from over 2000 of the UK’s best-known retailers including many popular names such as Next, Argos, Debenhams, John Lewis and HMV

In Other News

Welsh Word of the Week

Each week we will be giving you a new football related Welsh Word. Let’s see how many of us non-welsh speakers can use this in training

This weeks word is: mynd i’r afael â  =   Tackle   (Good luck saying that!!)

The fantasy football, Ed is still miles ahead out in front with the season in the latter stages it doesn’t look like there is any catching him. Congratulations to this weeks top scorer Mark Biggs.

Video of the Week

The Legend Chris Kamara at his greatest!!!


Have an awesome week!!

Vini non sou dragon!!!

Anthony Read

Press & Marketing

Cardiff Dragons FC

Email:   pressmarketing@cardiffdragonsfc.co.uk