Cardiff Dragons 1 – 0 Exeter Lions


Goals: Muzz 19 mins

The Dragons won a hard fought game that could of gone either way at the end. The Dragons solid performance was very satisfying after the heavy defeat we suffered down in Exeter only 2 months ago. There were also head injuries to both Muzz and John A both ending up in casualty John A leaving the pitch just before half time and Muzz attending casualty after the game.

The Dragons lined up as follows:-

Crispin, Muzz (Manager), Anthony (Capt), Ryan, John A, John B, Dave F, Edwin, Stefan, Hywel, Simon E.

Subs: Jason, Darrin, Daren, Paul.

The first ten minutes saw both sides try and settle into their stride in midfield. The Dragons then started to link up well through midfield and down the wings with some good link up play between Ed, Hywel and Anthony. Simon also was making good use of his pace with some excellent running off the ball. The Dragons then forced 3 corners and from the 3rd pin point corner from Anthony, Muzz scored with a forceful header into the top corner of the net after 19 minutes 1-0 Dragons.

The Dragons were starting to put there stamp on the game with good interlink play. In the next 15 minutes Stefan, Hywel, and Dave F all came close to increasing the score line. There were solid displays from Ryan at Right back on his debut for the Dragons John A at left back and the central defensive pairing of Muzz and John B were very comfortable and looked very solid. Then on 38 minutes the Dragons were to suffer a double injury after a collision of heads between Muzz and John A. Both leaving the field being replaced by Jason and Paul. Muzz did return just before half time with Paul coming off. The half ended with a shot from Muzz that just went over the cross bar. Half time 1-0 Dragons.

The 2nd half got underway and it seemed that the Dragons were affected by the injuries we had suffered and Exeter did start to force there way back into the game. After 55 minutes Muzz had to go off for more treatment on his head injury, Paul replacing him and Dave F moving back in central defence. It was in this period with Muzz was off pitch that Exeter had a goal disallowed for a foul on Crispin who was very solid all game. He made two excellent saves within 10 minutes to keep the Dragons in the game and his handling was excellent all game. On 65 minutes Muzz returned to the pitch in place of Simon. The game became very open after this and either side could of gone on to score more goals. With the manager Muzz leading by example being as solid as a rock at the back and with the support of all the team the Dragons held solid. On 80 minutes Darrin replaced Stefan. The game finished 1-0 to the Dragons.

The management would like to thank Exeter Lions a very entertaining game and their supporters for making the trip to Cardiff.

We would also like to thank Jason in the first half and Kris in the second half for running the line for us. All our support on the day Ali and Amy and a big thank you to the both of you taking John A to the hospital. Richie, Dave K, Christian, and Jordan for recording the game for us.

The Amos (Assistant Manager)

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