Captain’s Log – February 25th 2010

This week I mopped up dogs wee, got angry with a learner driver and took a mud bath

There were unfortunately no Six Nations matches this week, so no Saturday drama. You would have expected then, that with a bit more free time on my hands that I would have got a few things done, maybe do some shopping or go out etc. But instead I stayed in, forgot to do my fantasy team, forgot to watch United’s defeat at Everton (spared I think!) and instead marvelled at the ski-jumpers on the red button, one of which had the unfortunate surname that you only seem to get in the summer or winter Olympics. I’ll leave his name to your imagination, but based on his poor overall ranking, his surname reflected his performance.

Mid-week training this week was relatively uneventful with no Monkey Matt antics to be seen anywhere. We did have a lights out moment, where the WIS accidentally turned off the floodlights, which seemed to work in our favour as we managed to get nearly 2 hours in total on the pitch. Two of the newer dragons weren’t bothered by the power shortage though and continued to play in the dark, I actually thought they played better than usual! It also didn’t go unnoticed in the fitness section that half the squad avoided doing the last sprinting repetition. Extra sprints this week I think!

The highlight of the week was clearly the match v London Falcons, who seemed to take in their stride the fact we changed venues, treated them to a Cardiff mud bath and had no showers for them at the end. I suppose they knew what to expect as the last encounter in Cardiff was equally as messy. It was a shame about the result on the day and it was unfortunate that we really couldn’t play any of the football we are capable of on such a muddy pitch, but there were some positives on the day. For one, I don’t think i’ve ever seen a goalkeeper save two penalties on their debut. Big thanks to all the supporters, players, the Falcons and the backroom staff who made the day a little bit better and many thanks to Jerry for getting his shoes muddy to help get the nets down.

Congratulations this week go to Darrin ’15-1′ Hughes who won the King’s Cross Monday night quiz. I wasn’t actually present so he may have had a little bit of help from some other people but well done Darrin on your victory. Spend your £25 in the King’s wisely! I’m hoping to get down to the quiz this week, but after writing this, I doubt the other team members will let me!

David Keith had the unfortunate job of washing the kit this week after that very muddy event that was apparently a football match. The thought of an angry Scotsman cursing at whoever decided to get white shorts and socks whilst scrubbing muddy gussets is one which will stay with me forever! Unfortunately, there will have only been very mild cursing as David took the easy way out and took the kit in for a service wash.